Newsletter 2016

Term 4 Week 9

Congratulations to the high achievers in year 8 girls and to all students for completing another year, We wish everyone success in 2017.


Term 4 Week 6

We have chosen one of our students Essay to be included in our newsletter as weI feel that his Essay should be shared by everyone.


Term 4 Week 4

We are very pleased to confirm that Professor Br Mohamad Abdalla has accepted the appointment of Chairman of the Board of the Australian Islamic College Adelaide.


Term 4 Week 2

Our Year 10 students has successfully completed a week long work experience last week of term 3 and gained valuable experi-ence in the current work environment.


Term 3 Week 10

Our visit to the Government House was a great experience, not only we got to meet the Governor of South Australia Honorable Hieu Van Le but we also learnt a history lesson from him.


Term 3 Week 8

We are heading to the end of Term 3. All throughout this term, students have been engaging in robust activities, be it academic or extracurricular.


Term 3 Week 6

This year’s book week parade was as colourful, exciting and as creative as ever. We had Fairies, Superheros, Animals, Princesses, Crayons, Ninjas and many more wonderful characters from our favourite books.


Term 3 Week 4

On Wednesday 24/8/2016 at 4.00-6.00 pm the college has organised an information night for the parents of the Year 10 students.We cordially invite the parents of our Year 10 students to this important evening.


Term 3 Week 2

The students have settled into Term 3 well and we are delighted to see the engaging and hands on activities taking place in the class rooms. The students have a very busy term overflowing with engaging activities.


Term 1 Week 3

A special welcome to students, parents and teachers new to the Australian Islamic College Adelaide and welcome back to all students, parents and staff returning for 2016


Term 2 Week 2

Welcome back to Term 2 and I trust that students and staff enjoyed some rest and recreation to recharge and reenergise ready for the winter term.


Term 1 Week 4

At the end of Week 4 the College is well and truly immersed in the Learning and Teaching Program known to those in the education profession as Curriculum (the What) and Pedagogy (the How).

Term 2 Week 4

It is hard to believe that we are approaching the halfway mark, not only of the second term but of the school year. This is a good time to reflect on what has been achieved so far.

Term 1 Week 6

The full implementaion of the Australian Curriculum has major implications for the teaching and learning program of the College and for the assessment and reporting of student progress against the standards.

Term 2 Week 6

We ask Allah, the Almighty, to grant us the strength to fast during the day of Ramadan and pray during its nights in the best manner as these two are the basic elements for attaining the forgiveness of the Creator SWT.

Term 1 Week 8

To benefit fully from the results in Term 1 reports it is imperative that parents attend the parent teacher interviews early in Term 2.

Term 1 Week 11

As this is the last newsletter of the term I take the opportunity to reflect on the achievements and challenges of the year to date

Term 1 Week 8

To benefit fully from the results in Term 1 reports it is imperative that parents attend the parent teacher interviews early in Term 2.