ICT Vision

To encourage innovative thinking and engagement for the whole school community leading to an improved learning and teaching environment.

ICT Strategy

The objectives of our strategic plan are to continuously improve:

  • Active partnership between teachers and students.

  • Responsiveness to individual learning needs.

  • Efficiency of the learning environment and school administration.

  • Communication and availability of information to parents, the school system and Government.

  • Utilization of school’s ICT investments to full extent.

To work towards our vision effectively following key considerations are taken into account:

  • ICT plan and the related policies are directed towards continuous improvement with an ongoing assessment and change management.

  • Teachers, Students and Parent are engaged in the ICT planning to assure that the learning objectives can be accomplished effectively.

  • Staff capability and skill development in context of ICT is a key focus, so training and support plans are in place to provide continuous support.

Backbone Infrastructure

  • Firewall and content Filter for security and safety.

  • Clustered environment with SAN storage and NAS backup.

  • Internet: 100/100 Mbps Fibre.

  • Wireless available throughout the school with separate VLANs for staff and students.

  • All buildings connected via optical fibre.


  • Microsoft School License for desktop and cloud Office 365.

  • Adobe Suite for productivity.

  • Variety of Apps installed in class and lab computers.

  • Library Management System for digital content.

  • State of the art LMS to be launched soon.