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Australian Islamic College Adelaide

The Australian Islamic College Adelaide is an independent school and a member of the South Australian Association of Independent Schools. The Australian Islamic College Adelaide commenced its operation on 22 June 2017. The college is fully registered with Education Standards Board in South Australia to provide education from Kindergarten to Year 12.

Our goal is for our Muslim youth to aspire towards excellence in both character and education. We want our students to encounter new educational experiences that will serve their future aspirations whilst maintaining a balance between academic pursuits and Islamic values

Welcome to the Australian Islamic College (Adelaide). AIC is always

striving for excellence in Islamic character and education and this has made Australian Islamic College, a unique institution for Muslims in South Australia. Read More

At the Australian Islamic College Adelaide we have a curriculum linked to strong Values Education programs. Program Achieve's Keys to Success are displayed in classrooms and integrated into curriculum across our Kindergarten to Year 12 classrooms.

What do we offer

The students took part in various events and enjoyed the day thoroughly.

Year 10 Boys investigating elastic potential energy of various rubber bands.

Year 9 Boys using red cabbage leaves as an indicator of acids and bases.

This year for the Sounds of Light festival, five lucky girls from AIC Adelaide had the privilege to perform the Australian National Anthem in front of a crowded hall.

As parents are aware we initiated a project to create a pop up garden for the junior primary and primary students.

The Year 8s are working happily on their Egyptian sarcophagus art while the Year 9s are working on their perspective paintings.

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AIC Adelaide

22A Cedar Avenue, West Croydon, SA 5008

Telephone:(08) 8340 7799

Email: info@aic.sa.edu.au

AIC Head Office
Campuses Addresses
Thornlie: 17 Tonbridge Way,
Thornlie WA 6108
Ph: (08) 9493 2718

Kewdale: 139 President Street,
Kewdale WA 6105
Ph: (08) 9362 2100

Dianella: 81 Cleveland Street,
Dianella WA 6059
Ph: (08) 9375 9770