Junior Primary

Junior Primary

At the Australian Islamic College, the Junior School offers an enriching learning environment for students from Reception to Year 2. It provides the foundation to develop fundamental skills as a learner. Each classroom provides a challenging journey of discovery and learning based around the Australian Curriculum. Teachers provides differentiated learning programs to cater for all students needs and abilities.

The Junior School welcomes parent involvement to support the learning that takes place in the classroom. Our objective is to ensure that we

  • Cater to the emotional and social development of all students.

  • All students are actively involved in hands on activities to deepen their understanding and learning in the real world.

  • Develop effective communication skills.

  • Foster positive attitudes towards life-long learning skills.

Our Junior programs are taught using a wide variety of teaching strategies to support the learning of all student’s in the classroom reach their full potential.

Physical Education -program takes full advantage of the hall together with external organised events where students are provided the opportunity to enhance their skills.

Technology is used to enrich learning experiences and students have access to a computer lab. All of the classrooms are networked an interactive whiteboard or projector.

Library is a vital part of the curriculum in our Junior School program. It provides a dynamic, inviting environment that encourages research and a love of literature.

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Assessment of student learning takes place at different levels and for different purposes, including:

  • Ongoing formative assessment within classrooms to monitor learning and provide feedback.

  • Summative assessment for the purposes of reporting by on the progress and achievement of students.

  • Diagnostic testing for the purposes of monitoring learning and to inform future teaching.


The following National Curriculum subjects are offered at the College:

  • English- Sheena Cameron and Jolly Phonics.

  • Mathematics- Mental computation and inquiry Based

  • Science- Primary Connections

  • Technologies

  • Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Physical Education and Health

  • The Arts

We also offer the following Islamic subjects for all our students:

  • Islamic Studies

  • Arabic language

  • Quranic Studies