12 May 2022

Adelaide: Winner! Congratulations to Year Six student Nour Zreika who is the proud winner of the SANFL Football Design Competition.

The competition was open to three other Islamic schools. Nour’s design was selected along with three other finalists from AIC to be sent to Melbourne. There, the judging panel decided that her message of ‘Strength in Unity’ was to strong to bypass. 

As the winner, Nour’s design has already been sent to the manufacturer. Her design will be made into a limited-edition match ball to be used in the Bachar Houli Cup in August, and potentially in Multicultural Round at SANFL level.

Her winning design is featured below. Her message reads as follows.

‘The lines represent that life is not one straight path. If you stay strong and have faith in Allah you will get through it. Islam is one of the most diverse religions and in unity we find our strength.’

Pictured below with Br. Abdullah Khan, Br. Amer El Hosni and Sr. Layan Saadeh from the SANFL, and Sr. Katy Javor.