It is our belief that a comprehensive and holistic Kindergarten Program is an essential part of a child’s learning journey and transition to school. Our kindergarten provides an opportunity for Muslim families to give their children an Islamic pre-school education. Attending kindergarten offers children many advantages for starting school, for instance:

  • It broadens their skills and early abilities

  • It supports them in forming trusting relationships with others

  • It helps them to become familiar with school-type routines

In a play-based environment, children can communicate and interact to learn kindness, consideration and co-operation. As active learners, the children will be challenged, questioned and supported to be curious. Through conversation and participation, we encourage children to develop language and cognitive skills.

Children who attend our kindergarten are nurtured as young Muslims by all staff and are well prepared for their transition to school.

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There has been an amendment to when children start preschools and schools in South Australia. This will mean that all children will start on the same day at the beginning of the school year. This came into effect in 2013 for preschool children. Under the new arrangements, if your child:

  • Turns four before 1 May they will start preschool on the first day of Term one in that year.

  • Turns four on or after 1 May, they will start preschool on the first day of term one the following year.

The curriculum, based on the South Australian Curriculum Framework, offers a broad range of learning platforms that our dedicated staff adjust to the varying needs of every child, providing challenge or extra assistance as needed. Our Kindergarten teaching staff are highly qualified in early childhood education and aim to achieve strong results in numer- acy and literacy whilst bringing an energetic and fun attitude to the learning environment. Children who attend the AC Kindergarten are able to utilise the whole school’s facilities and those wishing to continue on have the benefit of carrying their A C education through to year 12

What we offer

  • Is the only Islamic College in Adelaide.

  • Provides one on one attention to your child, with 1:10 Educator/Child ratio.

  • Has programs based on Islamic values, serving as the foundation to your chid’s life as a responsible Muslim Australian.

  • Offers Arabic & Islamic education programs by erudite teachers.

  • Helps your child learn literacy and numeracy concepts, and develop communication skills to help their reading and writing.

  • Develops social, organisation, and behavioral skills to foster self discipline, friendships, cooperation, independence, and confidence.

  • Emphassises understanding of basic tenets of Islam, Adaab, and Akhlaaq through stories of the Prophets.


Our curriculum design, assessment and reporting is based on the Australian Early Years Learning Framework and its principles of Belonging, Being & Becoming. With a strong focus on experiential learning, we focus on its five developmental outcomes, so that your child,

  • Has a strong sense of identity,

  • Is connected with contributes to their world,

  • has a strong sense of independence and wellbeing,

  • Is confident and involved learner, and

  • Is an effective communicator.

Our culturally endorsed and religiously composed curriculum offers your child:

  • Play-based learning experiences designed to encourage physical, social, intellectual, cultural, and emotional development. Language development and expression of ideas, feelings, and needs through art and dramatic play.

  • Language development and expression of ideas, feelings and needs through art and dramatic play.

  • Stimulating environment to develop love of learning, better preparation to start school, and skills to make heaps of friends.

  • Practical exposition of Ibadah, i.e., Learning how to pray, performing ablution (Wudu), and memorizing salat.