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WINNER – SANFL Design Competition


Adelaide: Winner! Congratulations to Year Six student Nour Zreika who is the proud winner of the SANFL Football Design Competition. The competition was open to three other Islamic schools. Nour's design was selected along with three other finalists from AIC to be sent to Melbourne. There, the judging panel decided that her message of 'Strength in Unity' was to strong to bypass.  As the winner, Nour's design has already been sent to the manufacturer. Her design will be made into a limited-edition match ball to be used in the Bachar Houli Cup in August, and potentially in Multicultural Round at [...]

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Year 6


Assalamu Alaikum, In English, the students have been developing imaginative Narrative pieces using Seven Steps.  Students have been learning how tighten tension, create sizzling starts and how to show don’t tell.   In Mathematics, our attention has been on problem solving, fractions, divisibility, multiplication, prime numbers, composite numbers, square and triangular numbers. The students really enjoyed the hands on engaging activities and group work which has elicited interesting and critical thinking relating to Mathematics. In PE this term students have been learning about Volleyball. In Health they have learnt about how to identify what bullying is, what bullying is not, [...]

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Year 5


This term it has been all go and our very busy class have worked hard to learn many new skills and strategies. In PE we have been learning all the rules and skills for volleyball. I have been very impressed by the effort the students have put in and how well they support their teammates. We are very much looking forward to AFL next term. Maths This class really love math’s and we have covered many topics in number but to further increase students speed and accuracy, each Friday we have a times tables challenge. Students [...]

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Dear Parents and Caregivers,Asslaam-U-AlaikumAmazing effort everyone! In such a short time despite challenge of COVID looming over us all young learners cope very well with the pressures and expectations of transition phase. Majority of our Receptions have attended school regularly and smoothly blended in new routines. Our students have shown amazing level of resilience to respond to change. In this article we are going to share snippets of our settling down phase and learning in areas of curriculum.EnglishIn this area of curriculum students have been working this term to acquire proficiency in identifying letter/sound knowledge and using this skill to blend [...]


Senior School Islamic Studies


The significance of charity is evident within our faith. In order to collectively explore the concept of charity at a local level, the Year 12 Stage 2 Religion Studies class, created, organised and run a charity campaign on Tuesday the 29th of March.Through the cooperation of the Hutt Street Centre and their Angel for a Day program, our senior students were able to cooperatively understand the benefits of giving to others preparing a meal for the homeless.The Angel for a Day campaign successfully provides up to 40 000 meals, lunches, and breakfast every year for individuals experiencing homelessness. Our students, involved [...]

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Primary Arabic


Assalamualaikum Parents & Guardians, السَّلامُ عَلَيْكُم وَرَحْمَةُ الله وَبَرَكاتُه Alhamdulillah, we all made it till the end of this challenging term. All the teachers, students and parents did great work as one big family. Yes, it was a very hard term, but -Subhana Allah- a coin has two sides, and we all were blessed by feeling the good side of being sisters and brothers in Islam. Al-Qur’an Al-Kareem Studies AIC introduced this term ‘Complete Qaidah’ book, to help our kids in their Qur’an reading. Besides teaching the correct Makharij (pronunciation), kids use interactive applications to understand the meanings of the [...]

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Executive Principal’s Message


Dear Parents/Guardians and Members of our Community Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmutallah wa Barakatuhu As we are approaching toward end of term 1 2022, and the weather cools down, it is important to take steps to minimise the impact of COVID-19. Vaccines are a safe and effective way to protect your child, and the community. I would like to encourage and remind you all to book a COVID-19 Vaccination for your child. Over 50 per cent of all children aged 5 to 11 have now received a first dose, with many now due for a second dose (eight weeks after [...]

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Junior Primary & Primary


Salaam alaikum,  We welcome our families to 2022. We hope all are feeling very much part of the Australian Islamic College Adelaide community. JP & UP teachers always ensure that all children: Are safe Fulfil their potential Have excellent social and emotional skills Are excellent learners The quality of teaching and learning is central to this and we have a consistent approach i.e. that all teachers know what to do and why to do it so children have the same excellent provision in all areas and how to behave, how to talk to others or how to be more independent. [...]

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Dear Parents and Care givers, Assalaam-U- Alaikum and a very warm welcome!! We at AIC kindergarten would like to extend a warm welcome to all the children and families in the grouping. We look forwards to work with you and your children in partnership to provide best possible opportunities for your child’s development. The environment is surely different to the home setting and can be a bit challenging for some of the children. So please feel free to exchange information with the teachers at AIC kindergarten or any concerns relating to your child’s progress and development. I would request the [...]


Year 1


Assalamu Alaikum Families, Thankfully the start to the 2022 school year was not affected too much by Covid and we are well and truly into the swing of things in Year 1! In the Early Years Curriculum, students will continue to partake in a range of learning activities to consolidate their learning in a variety of ways.  Of course these activities are always interactive and fun, as you can see in the photos attached. In English, Jolly Phonics has progressed to Jolly Grammar, where students are introduced to basic grammar rules, punctuation and terminologies such as nouns and verbs [...]

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