Newsletter – Term 3

Executive Principal Message

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

Providing quality education, which is embedded with Islamic manners and values, is indeed a real challenge. I ask Allah (SWT) to help us all accomplish the objectives we have set for AIC. I am sure that with the grace of Allah (SWT), parental support, and the help of the community we will Insha’Allah be able to face the challenges, and will achieve our goals.

Our primary goal is to ensure a real Islamic environment for each child, which is safe and conducive to his/her academic and character development.

In order to provide quality education and maintain an environment that is conducive to learning, AIC sets high academic, character and behaviour standards. True success comes if policies and rules are properly enforced and the students and the parents wholeheartedly adhere to the policies and procedures. We hope you will communicate with your child and his or her teacher about study habits and homework, and ensure that your child arrives at school ready to learn every day.

Jazak’Allah Khairan for entrusting your child to us and I look forward to improvements at AIC every single day, Insha’Allah.

At AIC, we are more than willing to do all that it takes to make our schools outstanding institutions, where our students get both their souls and minds nurtured. Such a mission won’t be possible to accomplish without your full support and cooperation.

– Abdullah Khan
Executive Principal

Principal’s Message

Assalaam ‘alaikum Dear Parents & Guardians,

Alhamdu lillah Term 3 has rushed past us before we even noticed it. It has been a busy term with Book Fair, Quran competition, lots of Sports competitions and many smaller events across the school.

Our NAPLAN results are in and we busy analysing them and making improvements for 2022. This is the first NAPLAN since I have joined the school and it is a valuable tool in checking our students’ progress.

Message to Parents/Guardians

For parents who would like to assist in planning new events, fund raising and giving us valuable feedback to improve the school, we plan to hold more frequent Parent Committee meetings in Term 4.

We also need to hold elections so that we have a strong representative body from the parents. Candidates need to have been involved in the school and be available to attend functions and especially assist in organising regular parent meetings.

A reminder to all parents though that wearing of masks is mandated (compulsory) for our high school students and all adults on campus – whether working or visiting.

We are encouraging all of our students to save money and save the environment by purchasing cloth masks that can be washed rather than thrown away every day.

Cloth masks are available in the front office and can be bought easily online. Paper masks will now only be sold for $1 each – so please do encourage your children to look after themselves and the environment at the same time.

Quran Competition

Alhamdu lillah the Quran competition was a great success. We are now waiting for the trophies to arrive so we can reward the excellent work of our students. Our heartfelt thanks goes to the organiser Sheikh Mohamed El Sayed, the teachers who supported him and our judges – Sheik Amin Abu Samaha, Reyad El-Rifai, Sheikh Rijad Jazvin and Dr Ahmed Mostafa for their time, encouragement and words of wisdom to the students.

The Quran is the heart of our religion and we are gradually training our team of teachers to improve in how they engage with the students in Quran memorisation and understanding. The department in primary is led by Sis Heba who has been encouraging our Arabic and Islamic Studies teachers to develop more exciting and interactive lessons with the students.

Photos of the Quran competition are included in Sheikh Mohamed’s report. 

Attendance and Uniform

One area however that has not shown improvement this term is student attendance. Unfortunately students regularly arrive very late – and usually because parents have dropped them off late. We will be sending out our new Assessment policy soon which has much stricter conditions on attendance and enrolment – and may result in your child not being eligible to continue if they are continually late to school.

Students have improved significantly in their wearing of the uniform and we look forward to a new company who will be supplying our uniforms in 2022.

If you have any concerns about the current quality, please do come to the parent meeting to discuss this as we will try and ensure that the new company provides stronger, more comfortable and more long lasting uniforms for our students.

A reminder that our boys are often sent home for ‘undercuts’.

A picture of an undercut is shown below and involves shaving close to the head so that the top hair hangs out and over the very close cut sides of the head.

Book Fair

Our Book Fair Day, with its dress ups and Parade was a lot of fun. As usual teachers were involved and did a fun play, while the students characters (and teachers characters) were so much fun. Pictures are shown below.

New Staff

We would like to welcome a new member of staff to the school – Mrs Julie O’nions.

Although a qualified teacher, Julie is working as an SSO to assist some of our students who may need extra help with various programs to settle them, improve them and assist them in progressing. We also have Mrs Naina Rajeev who is replacing High School teacher Wayne Shulz until the end of the year. 


Sports continues to be driven well by our two Sports teachers and Coordinators – Mr Paiwast Ahmed and Mrs Katy Javor. Our recent Bachar Houli interschool competition organised largely by Mrs Javor was a wonderful example of how our schools can work together to deliver fun but competitive events. Having our girls team win the Bachar Houli Cup was an added bonus! 


It is with great sadness that we saw the event unfold in Afghanistan. We have a number of Afghan families in our school, and despite the politics of both sides, recent events have caused further trauma to many. For those attempting to flee, our students wrote letters to the Hon Simon Birmingham encouraging the Australian government to give asylum and to assist these families into safe refuge. We continue to work on fund raising to assist those who have left everything to seek shelter in Australia.

Caring for our Kids | Sick children

A reminder to all of our parents that sick children cannot attend school and must be returned home. Recently a gastro virus was present with children vomiting in the school. With parents not responding to our urgent phone calls, a number of children and staff were sick due to this exposure. Please make sure that you always respond to our phone calls and keep any sick children at home.

Lastly, we look forward to talking to all of our parents about their children’s progress. As with last term, this year’s Parent Teacher Night will be conducted over the phone. We have a new software to make it easy to book in your meeting – so contact the school if you have not received the link.

Insha Allah you and your family stay safe, are vaccinated soon, and will be able to enjoy a wonderful holiday before the final term of this very busy year.

Wassalaam ‘alaikum,

– Silma Ihram

Deputy Principal Message

Assamualakum Parents & Caregivers, 

The most eagerly anticipated day on the school calendar is the Annual Book Week Assembly and Parade. It is the time of the year when books and reading can really be celebrated. We are so lucky at our school to be also able to celebrate the Quran and Islamic books.

The reading of books, should be an everyday event! 

Parents and teachers reading to children is one of the most important things we can do to enhance their learning. 

  • Daily reading helps teach fluency and helps build language skills 
  • Reading is a wonderful way to bond with children 
  • Reading stimulates their imagination and expands their understanding of the world 
  • It helps them develop listening and concentration skills 
  • Develops thinking skills 
  • Enhances reading for pleasure 
  • Reading instills knowledge from an early age 
  • Helps to keep children calm 
  • Influences children to become lifelong readers and learner

Techniques to encourage reading

  • Choose books appropriate to age and interests
  • Run your finger under the word as you read to familiarize your child with the word
  • Allow books to be read repeatedly if they are favourites
  • Have lots of different books in your home
  • Teach your child respect for books
  • Choose a comfortable and quiet place to read together

There are many other benefits for reading together. Hopefully some of these ideas will help!  

Thank you again for a great Term 3 where we have worked together to support your child’s learning and development 

Kind regards,

– Rosalie Haese 
Deputy Principal   
[email protected]

Head of Senior School Message

Head of Senior School

The highlight of Term 3 in the Senior School was our Year 12 Subject Award Assembly.

The students were presented with their Subject Awards which recognise the students who achieved the highest in every Year 12 Subject. 

The Year 12 students also presented a video reflecting on their journey at the Australian Islamic College Adelaide. It was entertaining as well as emotional.

The following students are the recipients of this important award:

Year 12 Subject Award Assembly – 2021 

Teacher Subject Student
Br Mohamed El- Sayed The Study of The Nobel Quran Omar Abdalla
Br Mohamed El- Sayed Religion Studies Afiqah Mohamed Azmi
Mrs Ann Vincent

1- Accounting

2- Business Innovation

1-Eman Abdulaziz

1-Eman Abdulaziz

Mrs Benish Hussain

1- Research Project

2- Essential English

1-Afiqah Mohamed Azmi

2- Khaled Abdallah

Mr Farouk Zakaria

1-Maths Methods

2- Physics

1- Jana Baroudi

2-Omar Abdalla

Mrs Hanan Dallah Arabic Continuers Omar Abdallah
Mrs May Ezz General Maths Humaira Arief Azali
Mrs Niuma Ernst

1– Integrated Learning

2- Visual Arts

1–Jawad Osman

2-Mory Donzo

Mrs Noha Hanifi English Afiqah Mohamed Azmi
Mr Paiwest Ahmad Physical Education Yasmina Kasumovic
Mrs Rabia Khan English as an Additional Language (EAL) Fatima Haq
Mrs Shaheena Khan


2- Biology

1-Jana Baroudi

2- Omar Abdallah

I wish all our Year 12 students every success in their future endeavours.  

The senior school awards assembly also included subject awards for years 10 and 11. We thank them for thier hard work and hope to see their persistence continue in term 4.

– Mrs Hanan Dallah  
Head of Senior School 

Head of Middle School Message


A covid lockdown, at the start of the term, certainly threw us off course but Alhamdulillah we still had a very productive term 3.

The steam excursion for the Year 7 and 8’s, the annual book week assembly and the Quran competition were a few highlights of this busy term. In all of these activities, our students proudly demonstrated outstanding levels of engagement, creativity and resilience.

In our quest to prepare our students with academic and emotional resources to become respectful, responsible and productive citizens of this world, we often find that middle school students struggle to keep up with assignments, tasks and tests, mainly because most students first encounter multiple teachers and classrooms daily.

Students need to realize that being organized is the key to success in middle school.

Time management skills are usually not explicitly taught in school so students can benefit from parents helping with organizing assignments and managing time.

  • Teach your child how to use a calendar or personal planner to stay organized and schedule study times. It’s also a good idea to make sure your child knows how to make a daily to-do list to prioritize tasks and manage time.

Planning is a big part of helping your middle-schooler study for tests now that he or she is juggling work from multiple teachers.

  • Be sure you both know when tests are scheduled, and plan enough study time before each. When there’s a lot to study, help determine roughly how much time it will take to study for each test, then make a study calendar so your child doesn’t have to study for multiple tests all in one night.
  • Remind your child to take notes in class and review them at home each day.


No one is born with great organizational skills
— they have to be learned and practiced 

With that being said, I would like to acknowledge the hard work done by our teachers and students in the Middle School this term. Our students are fortunate to have a great team of teachers to guide them and we are looking forward to a productive  final term.

Have a wonderful, safe holiday and we look forward to welcoming you back next term with your planners! 

Middle School Curriculum Coordinator’s Message

Assalamu Alaikum Dear Parents and Caregivers,

This term has been an exciting and festive one for the students with Eid ul-Adha and Book Week both being celebrated one after the other. 

The students participated whole heartedly in the Book Week assembly; with Maram Idris and Anisa Muhammad from Year 10 hosting the event and making a connection not only with how important books are, but also exploring their potent relevance in Islam.

This was by no means the only event for the term with students from other Year levels participating in sports and other competitions and winning accolades for the school. 

The Middle School students have engaged in Brightpath Assessments for English this term. This is an excellent opportunity to provide students feedback against a benchmarked standard. The students will be informed about their areas of strength in writing, as well as their weaknesses.

Students can set writing goals with their teachers and then work on them throughout the term. At the end of this term, students will be completing a post-test which will help them gauge their improvement in writing in this genre. 


A number of students have also been taking the ICAS tests this term.

The ICAS tests provide parents, teachers, and students alike insightful information about learning. The data obtained can be used to guide focus towards areas that needs attention the most.

This year the students have taken these tests for English, Maths, Science and Digital Technologies. All these tests were completed online. The Writing test has been postponed and will be taking place in October. Participating students and their parents will be kept informed regarding new dates through email.   

I would also like to extend my welcome to Ms Naina Raj.

Ms Raj will be teaching Maths and Art in Middle School. She has already been working very hard with the students, providing extra support at the end of the day or during recess and lunch. I hope that the students benefit from her expertise and enthusiasm.   

I look forward to continuing working with you to enhance the educational outcomes for the students

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

– Benish Hussain 
Curriculum Coordinator (Middle School)


Dear Parents and Caregivers,  


Alhamdullilah, Kindergarten’s Term 3 was packed with lots of learning opportunities. Kindy children were engaged in many meaningful experiences. I would like to share some learning themes in this newsletter.

Connecting With Environment 

In previous term, Kindergarten children were engaged in the learning about bugs in the garden. This valuable experience rolled over to the term 3 and students started noticing other living things in the environment. Kindy’s veggie garden has provided a great opportunity for students, to observe what do plants need to grow. This leads the discussions about the weather.

While reading about the native animals, students were deeply affected by the fact that some native animals are doing tough. Some animals are extinct, and others are suffering with illnesses. This learning has directed the kindy students to design the machines such as multi opening fire hose, grass cutting device, and aeroplanes, to help fire fighters encounter the bushfires.

In Term 3, our kindy students were given the multiple opportunities to connect with the environment by bringing in the displays from Nature education Centre and organising incursion from Animals Anonymous.

Students observed eggs of various animals such as ostrich, emu, goose, duck, swan, pigeon, sparrow, snake, shark, gecko, and insects. Our students also have chance to host the hermit crabs for a week. Children’s natural curiosity and sense of wonder was amazing while they have observed the crabs changing their shells.

This learning has been enhanced by providing books, displays and discussions.

Book Week 

In Week 5, Kindy students have celebrated book week while reading  stories from many well-known authors such as Mr Mcgee and Big bag of Bread, Belinda, Alexander’s Outing by Pamela Allen along with the Aboriginal dreamtime stories: 

  • How the birds got their colour,
  • Rainbow snake,
  • When the Snake bites the sun, and
  • The Rainbow bird.

For the big finale kindy students were dressed up in their favourite costumes to join in the school’s special Assembly. 

Wow what a special day! 

Healthy Life style 

Another theme Kindy students had explored during term 3, was how to be healthy. We have read books 

  • Handa’s Surprise,
  • Oliver’s Fruit Salad,
  • Oliver’s Vegetables, and
  • Healthy Eating.

After reading the book Oliver’s Fruit Salad by Vivian French kindy students have enjoyed the fruit salad made by their educators.

Through this experience educators have encouraged discussion about healthy foods and sometimes foods. This opportunity opened up various other learning areas such as data collection for numeracy.

Doctor’s play for dramatic area; where children were engaged in adopting the roles of doctors, patients, paramedics, nurses and even creating vaccines for viruses. Educators have enhanced this learning by consolidating the understanding of being healthy through sharing books, organising spaces and playing active games.

At the end of this unit, kindy students are going to participate in the Mini Olympics at the kindy.  

Have a restful break, Inshaa Allah see you all in the Term 4 with another exciting phase of learning!

– Qudsia Haider


Wow! Another busy and amazing term in Reception! 

A bit of a mixed start with wonderful Eid al Adha celebrations followed by a sharp lockdown in South Australia. But fear not, from the lockdown – Miss Gilbert’s Lockdown Learning was created!

Students worked so hard to complete and upload their learning online through Class Dojo Portfolios and followed along Lockdown Learning episodes including: making rainbows, volcanoes, exploding soda, oobleck exercise letters, STEM boats and a special interview for the Tokyo Olympics.  

Towards the end of week 2 saw us back in the classroom with teachers and High School students sporting newly mandated attire – masks. We thank parents for your hard work and support during this time.    


In English, the best way to learn about instructional writing is to follow recipes and make fairy bread and jelly cups of course! We had lots of bossy receptions using lots of bossy verbs – fantastic! Our little mathematicians were involved in numerous hands-on learning experiences to model addition, subtraction, division, and graphing.  


HASS saw us journey into the Dreamtime and explore the Dreaming Stories of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and their connection to Country. We examined all of the places special to us and how to care for them. This led to a revamp of our recycling at AIC and look forward to further improvements thanks to our Student Council’s hard work and initiative.

Health and PE

Health and PE was all about safety and we look forward to our excursion to the Road Safety Centre and picnic later in the term. We were also lucky to have an 8-week hockey clinic with Coach Charlie, thanks to the fantastic organisation from our Sports Co-ordinator, Mrs. Katy Javor.

We learnt lots of new skills but had even more fun. Students also had the opportunity to partake in Auskick as an after school sports program – we have many budding AFL stars!


Science week was full of the amazing exploration of animal eggs, hermit crabs, bridges, ramps and much more! 

Book Week

Book Week was full of the amazing exploration of different texts, costumes, smiles, book fairs and much more!

We also congratulate all of our students for their hard work across all Specialist classes including: Arabic, Islamic and Quran Studies.

This year, our Sara, Ahmed A, Ikhlas and Ibrahima competed in high levels for the Quran Competition. A tremendous effort for our little ones.  

As always, we thank our families for your dedication to your child’s education and success at AIC. We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday and look forward to our fourth and final term of learning in Reception!  

– From Miss Gilbert and Mrs Panos  

Junior and Upper Primary

Assalamu alaikum,  

What a fabulous Term 3 Junior Primary and Upper Primary have had!  

Once again, in this unprecedented time, we cannot thank our parents enough for working with us to ensure we provide the best possible education and well-being support for the AIC Adelaide students.

Book Week 

On Thursday 26 of August, the Junior and Upper Primary students dressed up as their favourite book characters. Some student characters came from fiction books, some from non-fiction books and some from biographies. The Book Week assembly had a variety of programs which included the story of ‘Dear Zoo’ read in English and in Arabic followed by the SRC presenting on recycling, the Year 9’s and year 1’s project reading presentation, Islamic presentations on the ‘Noble Quran, the teachers play on the ‘Hare and Tortoise’ and the highlight being the announcement of the Art competition winners. The Book week celebration continued with the Scholastic book fair which found our students perplexed about what to buy as the variety was endless. 

Science Week

The Junior Primary conducted Science activities on the 18th of August. The Junior Primary teachers planned many activities for Science Week which continued to inspire a love of learning and passion for science. Activities included excursions to the extravaganza held at Urrbrae Agriculture High School and to the Adelaide Museum. The fun continued with the receptions conducting a STEM project on building Teddy Bear Bridges, the Year 2’s working on Lava lamps and Year 1’s constructing different Habitats.

Fortnightly Awards

Every three weeks at our school assembly, the Junior Primary and Upper Primary students receive acknowledgement of how they displayed the school values over the previous weeks. Class teachers choose two students who are presented with an award to recognise their efforts in always being respectful and safe (AIC Adelaide Core Value 3), to allow us to recognise their efforts and reinforce our school values.

Premier’s Reading Challenge

The students at AIC Adelaide have been working on completing their reading for the Premier’s Reading Challenge. The Premier’s Reading Challenge aims to encourage a love of reading for leisure and pleasure in students, and to enable them to experience quality literature. Students will receive their certificates and medals in Term 4 inshallah.

Quran Competition

Upper Primary and Junior Primary students participated in AIC’s Quran competition, which is held once a year. Students were able to compete in an educational competition which aimed to enhance their connection with the Holy Quran.

R u Ok day

The year 12 students at AIC Adelaide presented a PowerPoint to students about R U OK? Day.  They learnt about identifying feelings, and what behaviours make someone a supportive friend, and what to say to their friends if they are struggling. Stickers were handed out, along with certificates for those students who were making an extra special effort to be a great friend.

Masks and QR codes 

Thanks to all families who are assisting in keeping our school safe by wearing masks, checking in using the QR codes displayed at the front and back gates for pick up and drop off, and limiting contact with teachers and other adults.

– Mrs Fernandez  
Junior Primary Coordinator

– Mrs Khelwaty 
Upper Primary Coordinator


Primary Sports News

Term 3  has seen the continued development of the sporting programs run at AIC Adelaide. This term we have achieved the following:   

  • Successfully secured $3000 in Sporting Schools Grants.  
  • Run Junior Primary Hockey Coaching sessions with funding.  
  • Successfully secured $5000 in Club Connect Grants. 
  • Run the first ever AIC Auskick for Primary students. 
  • Continued with Yard Equipment distribution from classrooms. 
  • Further involved senior students in a leadership, mentoring and coaching role for students competing in the Bachar Houli Cup AFL competition.  
  • Took 71 year 5 and 6 students to the inaugural Bachar Houli Cup AFL Competition where 2 teams were undefeated and we came home with a trophy. 
  • Sporting Schools Grants 

We have now been successful  for 9  terms in a row in securing Sporting Schools funding for our  Primary  School.

We continue to see the increase in physical activity in the yard and are now starting to see students branch out to club sport to develop sport specific skills.

 This term we tried a Hockey program which was booked following a very successful free clinic delivered by Hockey SA earlier in the year. Our coach was able to combine elements of fun and skill into a fantastic engaging program for all students involved. 

Club Connect Grants 

Earlier in the year a grant opportunity came across my desk offering schools an incentive to connect with local clubs to deliver sport. This excited me as we are then linked with possible pathways for students showing potential. We applied and were lucky enough to receive $5000 to put towards after school sporting programs. We will be running these next term, watch out on class dojos and for advertising around the school early next term to see what will be available. 


This term we started our first  Auskick  centre at the school.  Run  on Mondays  by our local Game Development Coordinator and friend of the school Haydn Ward, the program has been a fantastic success. We have seen some wonderful leadership from upper primary students and some fast developing skills that have led to students looking into playing club footy next year. This is incredibly exciting to see as many of our students had not played football before and having competed in competitions they have realised the fun they can have and their natural ability for the game. We certainly intend to run Auskick again next year and will be looking to our parent group for interested leaders to coordinate and continue the AIC AFL tradition at grassroots level. 

Bachar Houli Cup 

This term we competed in the first ever South Australian Bachar Houli Cup. This is an AFL competition and the brainchild of proud Muslim Bachar Houli (recently retired Richmond Premiership player). The competitions run around Australia and are a stepping stone for Muslim youth to begin their football pathway. The South Australian branch of this competition started when we were looking for more competitive opportunities for our students. Industry leader Tommy Javor was instrumental in getting the idea off the ground, and assisted us in putting on a carnival. The AFL soon jumped on board, and Bachar Houli SA was born.  

It was an incredible day. So many students played their first ever game. We have had some continue into club football, and some potential talent identification. Since this day I have been contacted by two other sporting bodies who have recognised the talent potential in our school and are offering more opportunities for us.  

Our six teams represented the school exceptional well. We were incredibly proud of our senior leaders, Ahmad Baltagie, Saleh Baltagie, Hassan Mahfoud, Yasmeen Kasumovic, Saran Ziaty and Samira Kasumovic, who were outstanding in their coaching roles. Two teams were undefeated all day. Our male team narrowly missed the trophy on a count back and the female team took home the trophy. Massan Jardu was also named Best on Ground for the female competition. 

Term 4 looks to be exciting as the upper primary explore Cricket through our Sporting Schools grant. See the included Cricket Blast Promotion to get a head start in cricket.

We also have PE Week looming in week five where we have a few exciting events and competitions lining up. Come and try events that have been planned and the upcoming competitions against our friendly rival Pinnacle College! 

– Katy Javor 
Primary Sports Coordinator

Arabic & Islamic Department

Assalamu Alaikum Parents & Guardians, 

                                         السَّلامُ عَلَيْكُم وَرَحْمَةُ الله وَبَرَكاتُه 

New Qur’an classroom  

It is our pleasure to announce that we have a new Qur’an studies classroom. Having a special room for the specialist teacher, works as a learning environment that is broader than just these physical components. It represents a whole culture, the Islamic culture.


This term, our students started to use tablets in the Qur’an studies lessons, to help with the differentiation and to support each student according to his/her level.

Aims of our Qur’an studies lesson 

Our aim is not only to help our students memorizing their allocated Surahs, but also to teach them how to read Qur’an properly with the correct Makharij and Sifat, students started to learn some Tajweed rules starting from year 2.

Book week

A promising student from Year 5 started the book week with the heart-warming recitation of Surat Al-Naba’. Then, years 4 and 5 presented a bilingual presentation to talk about the most important book in our life, Al-Qur’an Al Kareem, to emphasize the first advice, the first word, and the first order in Islam, which is;

‘Read إِقْــرأ  ‘.

The students presented the whole presentation in the Arabic language and English language to show the value of learning two languages at this young age and be able to stand in front of the school and present confidently.

At the end of the presentation, Year 2 and 4 handed flowers to sister Musharraf, the librarian, for her great efforts to keep our library organized and rich with a lot of amazing books. 

The second presentation related to our Arabic department was also a bilingual one!

This time two teachers decided to cooperate with each other and give their students a funny time outside the class.

The reception teacher, Mrs. Panos, chose an interesting English story, and the Arabic teacher, Mrs. Adel, translated it into Arabic. The kids put on some animal masks and sit around their teacher to hear the story in both languages.

By the end of the story, kids learnt some animal names in Arabic and started to sing:  

ق ق قرد 

ض ض ضفدع 

ج ج جمل  

Talking about hidden curricula, getting the students to see their teachers working as a team, learning from each other, is a great hidden message we need to deliver for our kids. 

الحَياءُ مِنْ الإِيمان 

Year three students learnt during their Arabic language classes about Lulu, the turtle, who used to play with its friends. Lulu took off her shell thinking that would be funny, but her friends got annoyed. Year three advised her about the coverage of the private parts.  

My Hobby         هِــوايَتي 

Year four students used Quizlet website to learn more about their hobbies and practice their new Arabic vocabulary. Then they personalized their lesson to talk about their own hobby in the Arabic language.

Ali bin Abi Talib     عَلِيٌّ بِنْ أَبي طالِب 

As part of our great Islamic history, year five students learnt during their Arabic language classes about an amazing story related to Ali bin Abi Talib رضي لله عنه , which made a Jewish man convert to Islam. The students tried to act the scene in the classroom, using the correct intonation according to their roles. 

We believe in Islam, we respect others’ beliefs, 

This is the last lesson to be covered this term in the Islamic studies classes in the primary stage.

After a long journey of getting to know the six pillars of faith as a part of this term theme ‘ Aqida’, students need to know that there is a huge difference between believing in something and respecting something else, especially that it is a clear statement in Al Qur’an Al Kareem, the Almighty says:  

  لا إكراه في الدين   
(There is no compulsion in religion)

Meaning: Do not force anyone to enter the religion of Islam. Islam came to affirm human rights, especially his/her freedom which is the real honor of Mankind.

Humanity has no meaning without freedom through what he/she achieves the right to life, the right to private property and the right to personal freedom, such as freedom of belief, political freedom, opinion, ownership, movement, choice. Any appearance that contradicts people freedom, Islam is against it, and the principle of coercion – for example – is totally denied from this religion.  

Our young generation needs to believe in Islam with all of its merciful meanings, to continue being a helpful and essential part of the community.

Students also learnt to evaluate their behavior, to focus on their own mistakes and fix them rather than watching others.

  • They spent some thinking time to fill the ‘scale of deeds’ sheet, to think about their good deeds and more of them,
  • and rethink about their bad deeds and ask forgiveness from Allah then put a plan to fix and avoid doing them again. 

Five Pillars of Islam

In receptions and year one, students learnt about the five pillars of Islam.

Students were assigned to choose a Pillar of Islam and design a poster to explain what the pillar is and its importance to Muslims.

Alhamdulillah, they were actively engaged, and the task was completed successfully. The task made them better understand the concept and key practices that all Muslims are obligated to fulfil throughout their lifetime, as the pillars are the foundation of Muslim life.

Assalaamu Alaikum Dear Parents / Caregivers, 

The Year 1 Students have been engaged with their Arabic learning throughout Term 3 in order to develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. 

They have been learning the linking rules of each letter of the Arabic Alphabet, initial, medial and final positions. They learnt the procedure of spelling out words in Arabic, and then tried to link the letters according to the steps and rules.  

The students have enjoyed listening to stories and then writing simple sentences based on these stories. They also enjoyed learning and singing some Arabic nursery rhymes.  

I hope that the Year 1 Students will continue enjoying their Arabic learning in shaa’a Allah. 

– Mrs Hanan Dallah 
Arabic Language Teacher 

Digital Technologies

Assalamu alaikum,  

Our Year 6 classes have been very lucky this term to be the first students to begin doing Lego Robotics at AIC Adelaide. Mr Ali and Ms Jahic have been the amazing teachers to teach this new area of Digital Technologies to our year 6’s.

What is Robotics? 

Robotics enables students to grasp how robotic programmes function. Students use lego kits to assemble basic machines. They then use their coding skills to create programs to make these machines perform a function – whether it is to make a lego car drive faster, or creating robots that chat. Students can also improve their problem-solving abilities if they have problems putting the robot together.  

WeDo 2.0 Core Set 

The year 6’s used the WeDo 2.0 Core Set, which is a hands-on solution that ignites students’ curiosity, while enhancing their skills in science, engineering, technology and coding. WeDo 2.0 strengthens students’ understanding of the eight science and engineering practices, including asking questions and solving problems, modelling, prototyping, investigating, analysing and interpreting data, computational thinking, creating evidence based arguments, and obtaining, evaluating and communicating information. Students develop competency through hands-on projects across key science topics such as physical sciences, life sciences, earth and spaces sciences, engineering, technology and application of science, all while integrating the use of relevant digital tools to improve computational thinking skills. 

Many thanks to our Robotics Team, Ms Ouban, Ms Zulfic, Ms Sutton, Ms Jahic, Mr Ali, Ms Haese and Mrs Ihram, who all worked hard to bring Robotics to our school this year.  

– Mrs Khelwaty 

HASS Department

Unfortunately due to current Covid restrictions, we have been unable to proceed with our ‘Nude Food’ Information session this term.  This has hindered our opportunity to implement this as a whole school. 

However, we endeavor to achieve this by the end of the school year Inshallah.   

It has been wonderful to see many families embrace the ‘Nude Food’ movement by purchasing lunch boxes that are reusable to allow their child’s food to be brought to school without any packaging.  I look forward to seeing this program roll out in due course. 

It has been noted that ‘Nude Food’ lunch boxes provide smaller portions, leading to less food wastage. 

Did you know? 

  • On average, we Australians throw one in five shopping bags of food in the bin – that’s about $3,800 worth of groceries per household each year. 
  • Australian households throw away 2.5 million tonnes of edible food each year – that equates to nearly 300 kilograms per person! 
  • The average Australian household is sends roughly 4.9 kilograms of food waste to landfill each week. 
  • 75% of all food that is sent to landfill comes from our households. 
  • Food waste also plays a role in harming the environment. Rotting food in landfill produces methane, which is 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas.  
Food Waste Facts

– Erin Panos 
HASS Coordinator 

Year 5

Assalamu Alaikum,  

In Term 3, the Year 5 students have certainly had a very busy term and the primary in general.  Our focus throughout the term has been to develop, engage and inspire student learning.    

The students were fortunate enough to participate in Book Week, Book Fair, Bachar Houli Football Competition and Quran Competition.    


In English, the students have continued to develop their reading skills with a focus on making deeper connections to the various texts they read.  

In writing, the emphasis has been on poetry with the students developing creative, imaginative and thoughtful writing pieces. We are also continuing to build upon their oral language skills and it is clear the students are beginning to develop an understanding of the importance of these skills in their future learning.  


In Mathematics we have continued to focus on Number throughout this Term.   


In Science, we investigated the solar system in collaboration with Technologies where the students had to construct a 3D solar system.  


In HASS, the students have been learning about the importance of values and processes to Australia’s democracy and describing the roles of different people in Australia’s legal system.  

Please continue to monitor your child’s homework as this forms part of student revision and reinforcement. 

For your child to be successful, set a homework schedule that fits in with each week’s activities. 

– Carolina De Leonardis, Senija Jahic & Tanya Khelwaty 

Year 4

Assalamu Alaikum Parents/Guardians,

We have had a unique start to this term with a lot of uncertainty due to the lockdown resulting from Covid-19. Alhamdulillah, we are very privileged to be residing in South Australia where our students were fortunate to resume school in Term 3 maintaining necessary precautions.

The first week of online learning was a smooth transition into Term 3 for our Year 4A students with majority participating to the best of their capabilities.

Alhamdulillah, we have moved on steadily with hope and determination and have made it almost to the end of Term 3.

Year 4A students have been extraordinarily resilient throughout this journey and persevered despite the many hurdles. May Allah Bless them all. Ameen.  


We began this term with a focus on Narrative Writing in English where we utilised Seven Steps Program and continued on from Term 2 to strengthen skills in adding details to their writing the concept of Five Senses, Plus One. 

Our focus was also on the use of language as well when writing narrative texts and how to refine that during the drafting and publishing process.

Students have also been busy as they continued to read books towards Premier’s Reading Challenge. 

They have been diligent in practising their daily spelling words and using them in constructing detailed, meaningful sentences using knowledge and skills from their grammar lessons as well.

In comprehension, we specifically focused on inferring where students had to use prior knowledge and clues given in the text to understand what the author showed in the writing rather than directly telling the reader.  


A lot of practice and effort went this term to ensure division and word problems in Maths were learned in various engaging ways.

There were many multiplication and division strategies students learned this term to implement in solving various word problems. 

We are continuing to focus on word problems and how various strategies can help us identify clues provided in the mathematical language to solve a given scenario.  


In Science, students learnt about contact and on-contact forces, gravitation force, air resistance, friction as well as conduct experiments to understand static electricity and magnetism.

Students had to evaluate and communicate scientific ideas in a logical manner to analyse their results conducted from experiments.  


Our focus on drama this term was the script of Hansel and Gretel where students learned how to use vocal tones, movements and dialogues to act out scenarios from the script.

This enabled them to further establish their skills in teamwork and work as a team to reach and achieve their goals.  

Design & Technologies

In Design and Technologies, we have been exploring coding with the Scratch program. I have been loving the enthusiasm by the students as they learn new skills.

Several times students have requested to stay in to continue coding rather than go to lunch. Students have created accounts that can be accessed from home so they can continue their interests after this topic is complete. 


In HASS, we have been learning about Rules, Laws and Local Government. 

Students have been exploring rules and laws, and how they affect us. They have investigated the difference between laws and rules and looked at the concepts of equal and equitable, and  whether or not  equal means fair.

After our extensive studies of First Nations culture, we compared the Australian law system and Indigenous Lore.

Students enjoyed the topic and were especially interested in comparing places they have been that have different laws to that of Australia. We were able to establish from this why rules and laws are good. 

Despite the Covid challenges, we were fortunate to participate in the Book Week Parade and Quran Competition at school. This allowed a wonderful opportunity for students to explore their strengths and provided an insight as to how they can work on gaining skills and knowledge to expand their horizon.  

– Rumana Mazhar and Katy Javor

Year 3

Assalaam alaikum to our Year 3 families 

We have had a busy term and had many exciting activities and events. Our students have been working hard and many have shown great improvements in their maths, spelling, and reading. We would like to thank all our parents who support their children in all these areas at home, as it certainly makes a difference. Below we have included some of the highlights of this term to share with you.

Book Fair

Every year to raise money for our school library, we hold a Book Fair in our school library.

This event was run by our students and has included students applying for jobs, working, and advertising the event.

Learning about money in Maths this term has definitely come in use with many of our students also working as cashiers at the fair.

We were very impressed with the manners used by all and how helpful and professional everyone was in running the fair. This was a great experience for our students, and it has shown that we have some great up and coming small business owners among us.  

Book Week Parade

I’m not sure who was more excited, the students or teachers at this event.

It was certainly one of the more colourful events on our calendar and it was wonderful to see all the costumes on our students and teachers!

Some of our students interviewed our teachers about their favourite books and all joined in with the teachers play. There will be many more photos to come but we have included a few below for you.  

Art Competition

As part of Book Week, we ran an Art Competition.

Students were required to draw their favourite book character.

In Year 3 our winners were Amal and Abass. Congratulations to the both of them!

Year 3B

In Year 3B our students completed step by step drawings of fruits and vegetables as part of their Health lessons on healthy eating. They did an amazing job! 

Science Week

In celebration of science week this term our students made larva lamps.

We firstly researched the how and then tried a few different methods to see which was most successful. Some of our families also did this at home and it was great to see the videos that they shared with us. It was a very exciting lesson for us all and certainly one that has led to many questions and further investigations.

Thank you to all our parents who supported us by supplying the jars and some ingredients.  

Quran Competition

We have never been more impressed with our student’s behaviour on this day. Our students sat quietly and respectfully and listened and supported their classmates who were in the competition.

The students all did very well, and we are looking forward to seeing the outcome of this. 

We were very proud of our students who entered and also of their peers for supporting them.  

R U OK Day

Thursday, 9th of September was R U Ok day.

Our students discussed the best way to support their classmates and the difference between listening and helping.

Our students were encouraged to nominate classmates who they thought was supportive and these students were awarded at the end of the day:

  • Mohannad,
  • Khadija,
  • Faiza and
  • Adyan. 

As you can see the term was certainly exciting and actioned packed.

We would like to thank our students for all their enthusiasm and hard work this term and wish you all a happy and safe holiday. 

– Ms Sutton & Mrs Zulfic

Year 2

Assalaam Alaikum  to All   
Dear Parents, 

Quran Competition

This term we had three exciting things happen. The first was the Quran Competition where students were required to recite the Surahs they had learnt. Happily, quite a few of our Year 2s received awards and prizes. The whole event was live-streamed for our parents.   

Book Week

The second event was to celebrate Book Week. Everybody, including teachers, chose a character from a book to represent, wearing the corresponding costume. The students really enjoyed the Book Week parade, showing their costumes and getting to see what others wore. A small group of teachers were involved in putting on a play for the children, telling the story of the ‘Hare and the Tortoise’.     

National Science Week

The third event was for students to participate in National Science Week. Grade 2s and their teachers took a bus to Urrbrae Agricultural High School to see the science show that they put on as well as some of the animals that live there. This involved demonstrations of a number of fascinating and entertaining experiments that the students were able to both watch and participate in.

There were some surprises and much excited cheering as the demonstrating teacher showed some unexpected reactions with fire, smoke and toilet paper blowing around. After this we went to see the farm on campus where the children were able to touch and talk to the cows, the horses, the chickens, the sheep and goats, the birds, the bees, the fish and some rather reluctant Alpacas.

The students were able to get a really good idea of what agriculture encompasses with plenty of hands-on experiences. We then had a bus load of tired but happy children returning to school. They are still working on their recount of the day.

Mrs Ouban and I wish everybody a happy and restful holiday. We look forward to seeing you for the last term of the year, Term 4.   

– Ms  Safi 
Year 2 Teacher

High School Arabic

Middle School

Assalaamu Alaikum Dear Parents / Caregivers,

The students of the Middle School have been active in the Arabic language classroom throughout Term 3.

The Year 7 students were engaged with the The Study (Al-Diraasatu) and ‘Maktabatee ‘My Library” units of work. They learned relevant expressions and vocabulary, reading comprehension, spelling, sentence construction, grammar and handwriting. The students explored various styles of creative writing in order to write their own composition about their experiences with learning another language or/and books and libraries.

The Year 8 students enjoyed the ‘Al-Eid’ ‘The Eid’ unit.  In addition to reading comprehension and sentence construction activities, the students compared the Arabic grammar with the English and examined adverbs in Arabic, the conjugation of present tense verb, the conjugation of the future tense verb, the attached pronouns to nouns and the construction of complex sentences. Students also experienced writing in Nskh and Ruq’ah handwriting styles. The Year 8 students wrote their own narratives about how do they celebrate ‘The Eid’.

The Year 9 students studied the unit ‘The Holiday’ ‘Al-‘Utlatu’  They familiarised themselves with the necessary terms and vocabulary to express meaning.  They explored the conjugation of the present tense verbs in positive and negative sentences, and the conjugation of pronouns as subjects and as objects in sentences. Students also practised the past tense verb conjugation with all pronoun groups and connected their conjugation learning with adverbs of time. Students wrote a text on the topic ‘The Holiday’ and will develop a dialogue to present orally their reflection on their learning.

I wish all the students in the Middle School success in learning Arabic.

Senior School

Assalaamu Alaikum Dear Parents / Caregivers,    

As the end of Term 3 approaches fast, it is great to reflect on the important learning that took place in the Senior Arabic language classrooms. The students were committed to improving their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.  

The Year 10 students explored new vocabulary, expressions, structures and grammatical rules through two important units of work, The Houses of Allah (Min Biyooti Allah). which they found very interesting and fascinating as it introduced them to the Arabic/Islamic history and arts. And The Sports Day (Al-Yawmu Al-Riyaadee) unit which they enjoyed and related to the activities that they themselves participated in during our school Sports Day. In grammar, the students learnt many new concepts and rules mainly the past passive voice tense verb, relative pronouns, interrogative sentences, adverbs and certain rules of Al-hamzah etc. 

The Year 11 students completed writing and presenting the Text Production, Women in the Workforce and Text Analysis Tasks, The House of My Grandparents, after analysing and examining various types of texts and completing many formative assessments.  

The Year 12 students completed their In-depth Study. They researched their free choice topics and presented their findings in written and oral forms, after intensive research and reading of articles and reports. They also reflected on their learning of this research in an English Response.  

I wish our Year 12 students every success in their up-coming exams in shaa’a Allah.

– Mrs Hanan Dallah 

Arabic Language Teacher 

High School English

Assalaamu Alaikum Dear Parents / Caregivers,

This term students in the middle school celebrated literature in a number of ways. Many classes completed book week centered activities and we had two middle school competitions for students to enter.

Creative Writing Competition

We had many entries for the creative writing competition and it was especially difficult to choose a winner. However, one story stood out from the rest for its creativity, structure and theme incorporation.

Please find below the winning entry from Hanis Arief, a twisted story about fairies in an alternate world.

Costume Competition

We were absolutely amazed with the effort our middle school students went to for their literary inspired costumes. We had many more students participating this year than last year which was wonderful to see. The middle school students even presented their costumes at the Book Week parade which was an excellent show of school spirit.

We had a winner from each year level for the most creative costume. Winners were chosen for their creativity and choice of specific literary characters. Below you will find a picture of the winners.

Debating Club

After the success of our debating workshop last term, the English department will be starting a weekly debating club. Expression of interest forms have already gone out to students. Anyone can join, they just need to return their form with their name on it. Please see Mrs Lewis if you have lost your form.

This club will run one day after school each week. Students will learn the structure of a formal debate, persuasive skills, research a variety of current issues and perform debates against other teams. Initially these debates will be against one another but once our skills have developed we have hopes of joining the debating SA interschool’s competition.

Year 7

This term the year 7s read the novel ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar. The students investigated the key theme of relationships and why it is important to have healthy relationships within our lives. Students completed a number of activities which explored the characters in the novel, themes and plot. Please see below a character analysis by Hanis Arief.

Character Analysis By Hanis Arief

Year 8

This term the year 8s read the play ‘An Inspector Calls’ by J. B. Priestley. This detective fiction allowed students to analyse social responsibility, gender roles and world history. Students learnt to anlayse character motivations and make inferences about thought processes in relation to the context of the novel. Students also wrote 100 word stories this term. These stories could be about anything but they needed to be 100 exactly. Below you will find a great example from Mr Pagonis’ English class.

100 Word Story by Saira

Year 9

This term the year 9 students explored Children’s literature. Their task was to choose a complex issue such as racism, COVID-19, refugees or bullying and create a children’s story that explained their issue in simple terms for young children to understand. They had to use a range of figurative language techniques and include illustrations.

The year 9 students also read the novel ‘Catching Teller Crow’ by Ambelin & Ezekiel Kwaymullina, a mystery novel which explores Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) histories and culture. Students then worked in groups to create a podcast which analysed the novel and also an important issue to the ATSI people.

Year 10

This term the year 10s explored the power of stories through reading the autobiography ‘Chinese Cinderella’ by Adelin Yen Mah. Students created their own autobiographies to share their own stories with their class mates and they also wrote essays which analysed key ideas from the class text. Below you will find an essay written by Nadir Abdulle.

Analytical Essay by Nadir Abdulle

– Holly Lewis

Middle School English Coordinator

High School Religion

Imam’s Corner

Assalamu Alaikom Wa Rahmatu Allahe Wa Barakatuh,  

Dear Parents/caregivers, 

School holiday is around the corner, it is importunate to for us as parents to make sure our children use the time effeminately and avoid the detrimental habit of wasting time.  

Time is something that is of vital significance in Islam. Its importance is very clear in al-Qur’an when Allah Subhaanahu Wata‘aala swears by it at the beginning of several surahs Al-Asr, Al-Fajr, AlDhuha and Al-Lail. And the Prophet PBUH valued time and encouraged us to be vigilant with time. 

On the authority of ibn ‘Abbaas radiyAllaahu ‘anhuma, the Messenger sallAllahu ‘alayhi wasallam said: “There are two blessings which many people lose: (They are) Health and free time for doing good.” • (al-Bukhaari) 

Many of our youth and students are wandering off and wasting their precious time without indulging in beneficial activities throughout those periods. Our duties as parents is to make observations of what they normally do. Are they actually beneficial activities or purely a waste of time? Time is something that is very precious. Every single second wasted can never be replaced or compensated to get it back again and remember, the failure in spending time with beneficial activities only means that we have thrown away something very precious and invaluable.  

Time is actually our age. Our age is the capital for our lives that has already been predetermined. It must be adequately filled in determining our success in this life and the Hereafter.  

The best activities for us all is the Quran, read it, contemplate its verses, learn its Tajweed and implement its teachings in our lives. 

May Allah accept from all of us, keep us all steadfast and united and keep away from us any form of division and disunity.  

May Allah bring the hearts closer and protect all Muslims from any evil and harm.  



– Imam Mohamed Elsayed 

Imam of Australian Islamic college Adelaide. 

The Annual AIC Quran Competition 1443/2021

The Annual AIC Quran Competition On the 1st and 2nd of September, the Australian Islamic College held its Annual Quran and Azan Competition at the Adelaide campus. Alhamdulillah the Quran Competition was a great success with 73 participants ranging from Reception to Year 12. The main aim for the Quran competition was to encourage students to recite The Holy Quran and to provide them with the opportunity to compete with each other with the best recitation of the words of Allah.

The judges for the competition were; Imam Amin Abu Samaha Imam of Al-Khalil Mosque, imam Reyad El-Rifai of Marion Mosque, Imam Reyad of Bosnian Musjid, Dr. Ahmed Mostafa director of Hifz program and Imam Mohamed Elsayed Imam of AIC Adelaide. We were privileged to have the Imams address the students about the greatness of The Holy Quran and advise them that those people who live their lives in accordance with the Quran are the people of Jannah.

The participants and parents were also very fortunate to have a breathtaking Quran recitation from Imam Amin and Dr. Ahmed who read with his beautiful voice. The college would like to congratulate all the boys and girls who won in this year’s Quran competition. However, in the sight of Allah SWT, everybody is a winner for being part of this competition!

Year 10 Mosque Excursion

On Monday, 30th August 2021, the year 10 boys and girls set out on an excursion with their Religious Studies teacher, Imam Mohamed and Sister Noha Hanifi, to Al-Khalil mosque as part of their SACE assignment. Firstly, they set off to the mosque to learn more about how the body gets washed and shrouded prior to the burial, following the Islamic ritual. The students were brought into the body cleansing chamber where the shaikh explained to the students the steps they normally follow to prepare a body for burial. After which, the students visited the graveyard located in the mosque’s vicinity where they had some time to reflect on their own lives, led by Imam Mohamed. It was an eye-opening experience.

Overall, it was an enriching excursion for the students and teachers.

– Imam Mohamed Elsayed 

Islamic Studies and Quran Coordinator 

High School Science

STEM Day Out 

The objective of the excursion: Students explored the science of air – how it moves, how strong it is, and some of the unique ways it behaves. They also discovered why puzzles are fundamental to mathematic thinking and explored how mathematical thinking links to problem-solving. In addition, they designed and constructed a paper tower within set parameters using the engineering design process. 

On Wednesday, 25 August, 82 students participated in the STEM Day Out excursion. This STEM Day Out program is presented by the University of South Australia under the UniSA connect program.  

The day was full of STEM challenges that required critical thinking skills, problem-solving, communication, and teamwork. The students were involved in an exhilarating day, competing with fun and engaging hands-on activities such as designing, building a paper tower, exploring the science of air, and using their mathematical skills to solve mathematical puzzles.  

Students were highly successful in developing and utilising the skills required for each challenge. This was especially reflected with Yosuf, Aftab, and Amir designing and constructing the tallest paper tower. Thank you to all the students that attended, gave each task their best efforts, and to the teachers Janene, Christina, Pushpika, Kubashni, Antonios, and Waleed for supporting the students throughout the day.  

– Waleed Jaseem 

High School Sports

Assalam alaikum,  

 It has been a slower term in the high school sports department at The Australian Islamic College Adelaide. While we have been fortunate enough to successfully acquire another grant to buy new equipment, some of our sports excursions have been postponed due to COVID. The senior 3v3 basketball tournament will take place in week 10 with a massive 5-a-side soccer carnival in week 1, next term. 

Despite interschool sports being slow, after-school sports has continued with no sign of slowing down. The students’ commitment and dedication to sport is always fantastic to see. Many students have been making dramatic improvements in their coordination and technique in a variety of sports. 

Finally, we are incredibly proud of our Power Intercultural Program AFL boys and girls teams. Both made it to the final at Adelaide Oval and fiercely competed for the 2021 trophy. Our girls fell short but gave an incredible effort. Our boys dominated their game and became champions! Massive congratulations to all students and families involved. It was an incredible day for our school and our students.

 Wassalam alaikum

–  Paiwast Ahmed  

Physical Education and Sports Coordinator  

High School HASS

Our school took part in the Australian History Competition 2021.  Congratulations to all students who took part in the Australian History Competition and a special recognition to Rameen Sheraz who has received a certificate of Credit Award and to Khadija Sunasra & Aminath Mannal Easa who have received Merit Awards. The other participants who took part in the Australian History competition are Elaf Farrage, Safwan Bin Noor, Yazeed Ali, Kaleem Yusuf & Hamzah Binetti. Thank-you to all students who participated in this year’s competition. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, outdoor educational activities were cancelled for this term. We look forward to having more History events in the future. 

Mrs. Vincent 

HASS Coordinator 

Year 7 & 8 – Civics & Citizenship

A real-life learning experience initiated in year 7 & 8 HASS sessions through Civics and Citizenship this term, gave students an insight into their well-being as Australian citizens. The students grasped facts about their rights and responsibilities as Australian Citizens and are certainly empowered to exercise their rights once they make their way into the outside world.

We discussed the Australian Constitution, brushed through roles of responsibility in real life situations, by analysing the legal rights of Australian citizens. Students gathered information from both independent research and class content to present their knowledge and understanding of the Australian Constitution through individual oral presentations. The presentations demonstrated that our students can independently research information and efficiently express their perceptions and opinions in an effective manner.

– Ms. Christina Bella Rodrigues

Civics and Citizenship Teacher

Year 9 – Civics and Citizenship 

This term, the Year 9 students were introduced to the concept of Civics and Citizenship. Specifically, they learned about how a government is formed. They gained an understanding of the Australian Political Parties along with their representatives and values. They reviewed specific examples of political campaigning and they gained confidence in identifying political campaigns and the intended effects of them on potential voters. Finally, students got introduced to the Australian Court System and reviewed cases to gain an understanding on how precedent has shaped the world they live in today. 

Year 10 – Civics and Citizenship 

This term, the Year 10 students were introduced to the concept of Civics and Citizenship. The term began with the students forming a stronger understanding of their rights, privileges, and responsibilities as Australian citizens and how they compare with other countries. Students gained a grasp on why a clear separation of power and a system of checks and balances is crucial to a healthy democracy. They used what they learned about Australia to compare our government’s system to another Asian country, such as Indonesia. The Year 10 cohort learned about the importance of the High Court in regard to interpreting the Constitution and International Law. They studied multiple cases such as Mabo v Queensland and Commonwealth v Tasmania and analysed the impacts the judgements have on our life today. 

– Mr. Antonios Pagonis 

Civics & Citizenship Teacher 

High School HASS

Our school took part in the Australian History Competition 2021.  Congratulations to all students who took part in the Australian History Competition and a special recognition to Rameen Sheraz who has received a certificate of Credit Award and to Khadija Sunasra & Aminath Mannal Easa who have received Merit Awards. The other participants who took part in the Australian History competition are Elaf Farrage, Safwan Bin Noor, Yazeed Ali, Kaleem Yusuf & Hamzah Binetti. Thank-you to all students who participated in this year’s competition. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, outdoor educational activities were cancelled for this term. We look forward to having more History events in the future. 

Mrs. Vincent 

HASS Coordinator 

Year 7 & 8 – Civics & Citizenship

A real-life learning experience initiated in year 7 & 8 HASS sessions through Civics and Citizenship this term, gave students an insight into their well-being as Australian citizens. The students grasped facts about their rights and responsibilities as Australian Citizens and are certainly empowered to exercise their rights once they make their way into the outside world.

We discussed the Australian Constitution, brushed through roles of responsibility in real life situations, by analysing the legal rights of Australian citizens. Students gathered information from both independent research and class content to present their knowledge and understanding of the Australian Constitution through individual oral presentations. The presentations demonstrated that our students can independently research information and efficiently express their perceptions and opinions in an effective manner.

– Ms. Christina Bella Rodrigues

Civics and Citizenship Teacher

Year 9 – Civics and Citizenship 

This term, the Year 9 students were introduced to the concept of Civics and Citizenship. Specifically, they learned about how a government is formed. They gained an understanding of the Australian Political Parties along with their representatives and values. They reviewed specific examples of political campaigning and they gained confidence in identifying political campaigns and the intended effects of them on potential voters. Finally, students got introduced to the Australian Court System and reviewed cases to gain an understanding on how precedent has shaped the world they live in today. 

Year 10 – Civics and Citizenship 

This term, the Year 10 students were introduced to the concept of Civics and Citizenship. The term began with the students forming a stronger understanding of their rights, privileges, and responsibilities as Australian citizens and how they compare with other countries. Students gained a grasp on why a clear separation of power and a system of checks and balances is crucial to a healthy democracy. They used what they learned about Australia to compare our government’s system to another Asian country, such as Indonesia. The Year 10 cohort learned about the importance of the High Court in regard to interpreting the Constitution and International Law. They studied multiple cases such as Mabo v Queensland and Commonwealth v Tasmania and analysed the impacts the judgements have on our life today. 

– Mr. Antonios Pagonis 

Civics & Citizenship Teacher 

High School Arts

Media Arts 

Megazine Covers designed by Year 7 students!

Visual Arts

This term, we have got a number of exciting art and design projects organised for our students in the Art Room.

For the past few weeks, the Year 7s have explored Islamic Calligraphy and developed various art/design ideas based on the chosen theme. For their practical component, students carefully primed and prepared recycled milk bottles ready for applying their designs. At present, they are happily painting colourful artwork on the bottles.

– Niuma Ernst 

The Arts Coordinator 


Stage 1 and Stage 2 Subject Selection  

Subject selection is one of the key processes undertaken in term 3 to ensure that students make informed subject choices for Stage 1 and Stage 2 based upon their interests and plans regarding future study. We support students in making these decisions through the SACE/VET and Career Information Session. This session took place during term 3 and  introduced the SACE & VET subjects, provided information regarding how the students can achieve their SACE and how to access information about career pathways. Based on information provided by students, we have completed our subject selection process for the current Year 10 and Year 11 students for the next academic year.  

Further information regarding the subjects we offer at Year 10, 11 and 12 can be found on our website in the Senior Curriculum Handbook. In addition, the SACE website: is a valuable resource for students and parents alike to broaden their knowledge. Other good sources of information are the 2022 SATAC Guide and the University and TAFE websites. Students are also encouraged to investigate extension studies offered by the universities and VET courses offered by Registered Training Organisations.  

In this regard, conversations with subject teachers are also crucial. If you wish to know more about requirements for different subject areas, assessment types and course contents, senior schoolteachers are available for further support and guidance. 

Time Management and Study Tips for the Exams 

You can prepare yourself to succeed in your studies by trying to develop and practice the following habits: 

  • Take responsibility for your studies yourself.  
  • Recognise that to succeed you need to make decisions about your priorities, time and resources. 
  • Center your work ethic around your values and principles 
  • Don’t let friends and acquaintances dictate what you consider important. 
  • Prioritise – This is an important organisational skill that will help you stay on top of your work. 
  • Follow up on your priorities and don’t let others, or other interests, distract you from your goals. 
  • Discover your key productivity periods and places – morning, afternoon, or evening and work accordingly. 
  • Find spaces where you can be the most focused and productive. 
  • Prioritise your most difficult study challenges. 
  • Look for better solutions to problems, if you don’t understand course material, don’t just re-read it – try something else like consulting with your teacher or classmates. 
  • Finally, avoid procrastination.  

We are wishing our year 12 and year11 students all the best in their exams InshAllah.  

– Mrs Ezz 

SACE Coordinator 

Student Counsellor/Student Wellbeing

Assalamu Alaikum,  

To the Parents, Guardians and Families of AIC. 

Positivity and wellbeing are two very important aspects of ourselves that we are always promoting and working towards, Alhamdulillah this Month was the National R U OK Day which is a day that we encourage each and every one of us to ask are you ok?

R U OK day is an opportunity for us all to give those who may be struggling a chance to seek help, we all have our ups and downs and simply showing someone that you are there for them could change a life. 

“It’s ok to not be ok”. 

Mental Health Helpline

This term Mrs. Rodrigues’s year 7 and 8 classes got the opportunity to learn about wellbeing and how to seek support if needed, one of the school counsellors Mr. G spoke about what is wellbeing, challenging negative thoughts, and mindfulness.  

– Br Hassan Gures 
Student Wellbeing/Counsellor

– Sr Senija Jahic 
Student Wellbeing/Counsellor

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